ViMusic Apk Version History

Frequently, the most recent app updates can lead to issues on older devices.  In some cases, these updates might not be compatible with your device's operating system. While waiting for the app developer to fix the issue, consider using a previous version of the app. If you require an earlier version of ViMusic, you can find it in the app's version history.

Version Comment Download Release Date
ViMusic v0.5.4 Minor fixes and improvements Download 04/11/2022
ViMusic v0.5.3 Officially support for Android 13 Download 26/10/2022
ViMusic v0.5.2 Fixed bugs and issues Download 18/10/2022
ViMusic v0.5.1 Fixed bugs and issues Download 12/10/2022
ViMusic v0.5.0 Added new user interface Download 09/10/2022